Airline Cargo Connector

Many companies do not even like the thought of airline cargo unless it is their only option to satisfy a customer. I think airfreight is very interesting and will continue to grow because of the new technology allowing certain products to arrive faster for the customers who need their products in a more timely matter. The article I have found is from Logistics Week about IAG Cargo (International Airline Group). They are one of the world’s largest airline groups created from the merger of British Airways World Cargo and Iberia Cargo. They recently announced that will be using a “Cargo Connector” in the UK to better reach out to customers. This new system is dedicated to consignment shipments for freight forwards.  IAG will better utilize their vehicles and drivers’ time to pick up and deliver customers small consignments to the airport. While this is helping heir own operations of truck drivers, this is also addressing the needs the customers by eliminating wait times when they go to the airport and making air cargo more accessible for busy companies. Booking this service is very easy and the customers do not even have to pay for the service. When the IAG driver arrives, this is also when the customer will have the opportunity to book the type of shipment they need, which can be done quickly by the driver/representative through electronic devices. They have currently reached out and successfully developed the Cargo Connectors in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

I think this is a very smart service to provide to regular customer and it can attract new customers. Because they have already had successful runs in the United States in three of the largest cities, I think this could really spread not just well in the UK, but around their whole operating areas. In a way this service is an imitation of USPS, UPS, and FedEx home pick-up system and a great way for other logistics companies to go. It not only helps to better satisfy and reach out to their customers but utilize all of their current trucking operations.


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