Hurricane Sandy’s Effect on Transportation & Freight

Hurricane Sandy is having a huge impact on the entire East Coast, passenger transportation and freight included. Mandatory evacuations caused many to flee, some to even become stranded due to flight cancellations, rail closures, and even highways being closed off. Flooding and unsafe wind conditions have led to the closure of 7 major bridges in New York City.

Millions of dollars of goods coming into the U.S. for the holiday season are stranded off the coast due to closures of cargo operations in the region. Major trucking and rail companies are experiencing disruptions and halting of operations as well. UPS and FedEx are being cautious but continuing operations where possible. UPS spokeswoman, Susan Rosenberg stated, “it’s too soon to put any dollars around impacts or to look at any specific sectors.” While this may be true, one can be confident that logisticians will be working hard to find ways to continue operations and to contain the impact this will have on the economy.

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