Proposal 6

To take transportation and infrastructure to a local level, consider Proposal 6 which will be on Michigan ballots during the upcoming November 6th election.  Proposal 6 would amend the state constitution to require a statewide and local vote in the respective municipalities prior to the construction of any new international bridges and tunnels that require state funding.

This measure was filed in response to Governor Rick Snyder’s proposed New International Trade Crossing (NITC).  If constructed, NITC would span from Detroit to Windsor.  The proposed bridge would cost an estimated $3.5 billion which is said to be covered though tolls.  Opponents say traffic is already down and will not be high enough to cover these costs, leaving Michigan tax payers with the burden.  Furthermore, it threatens some Detroit homeowners whose property could be in jeopardy if this bridge is constructed.  Others say this bridge will help businesses by increasing the efficiency of transportation across the boarder with uninterrupted traffic flow to Highway 401 in Ontario.  It is said that this bridge will have the capacity to allow for larger containers on trucks.  NITC is also said to be able to provide thousands of jobs for Michigan residents.

While valid arguments exist on both sides regarding the construction of the NITC.  Proposal 6 has the potential to alter the future infrastructure of Michigan.  Some say the people should decide while others want to keep it in the hands of the state government.



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