Sustainability in Transportation

More and more, the world is looking at green technology and sustainability practices across the entire supply chain. It is a growing trend in our current society which continues to receive public acceptance and activism. The transportation industry is no different. Through government regulations, corporate practices, and advancing technology; transportation, like MSU, is going green.

The EPA is constantly imposing regulations on carbon emissions for companies as well as citizens. By 2025, fuel efficiency is supposed to reach 54.5 MPG (miles per gallon) or else fines will be set in motion. While that is mainly for consumers, there will be tighter regulations imposed on companies as well to conform to new standards. If the full effects of carbon emission regulations come to term, companies may be forced to look for alternative sources of transportation other than trucking, due to a company-wide carbon cap.

Some companies are already switching to more sustainable practices even without governmental influence. Many companies are already cutting down on paper usage, but some are even switching to using rail on a more consistent basis in order to cut back on their carbon footprint. Some have updated their fleets to higher efficiency trucks and planes in order to keep the same customer service level while using less fuel. Not only is this a green movement, it’s a cost saving measure as well.

The advancement in technology over the past decade towards sustainability has been increasing greatly. Through TMS and other optimization systems, routes that trucks take have gotten more efficient. This helps to cut down on fuel as well as congestion on the roads. Fuel economy has also been increasing as companies scramble to conform to regulations. With the addition of solar, wind, water, and electric energy on the rise, it all adds up to more sustainability and a greener future.

Is this new trend going to continue? At what point do the costs outweigh the benefits, if ever?


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