Air Freight in Africa

In recent trends in airfreight Africa has shown that it will become a major player in the near future.  The International Air Transport Association reported that in August the continent had seen a 10 percent increase in demand for air cargo transport.  This increase was the largest of all the continents and a continuing grow rate for Africa would create a very significant economic impact in for the continent. The biggest market that is developing for Africa is its relationship with the Middle East.  Trade with the Middle East has increased 17.9% over the quarter where as trade between Europe and the Middle East has increased by only 1.4% during the same time period.


Many companies have started to take notice of Africa as an opportunity in the logistics market.  DHL has decided to build a strong relationship inside of Africa in hopes to take advantage of its potential economic prosperity.  Charles Brewer the Managing Director at DHL for Sub-Saharan Africa describes Africa as a perfect opportunity to create new jobs and income in a time when many in Europe and North America are struggling because their markets lack the chance for immediate growth.  He also notes that there are many challenges facing DHL in Africa because of a lack of infrastructure and quality labor regulations but the future benefits in the continent are too great to ignore.



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