Hurricane Sandy and the Affects on Global Transportation

Potential weather disasters can create a serious impact on many forms of transportation.  They can create delays, damage goods, or in extreme cases, completely shut down transportation modes. The recent Hurricane Sandy is no exception to this rule.

Hurricane Sandy Affecting Airline Passenger Travel

Hurricane Sandy is wreaking havoc across the Northeast Coast. As of Monday afternoon, airlines have canceled more than 12,600 flights to and from the Northeast United States. This surpasses Hurricane Irene in August 2011, which had roughly 10,000 canceled flights.  Simon Calder, travel editor of the UK’s The Independent newspaper predicts that airlines take a combined lose of roughly $10 million everyday airlines are shut down. When taking into consideration the losses that Amtrak, hotels, and other businesses that benefit from business traveling take, the total combined losses is much higher. Due to the flight cancelations, many people traveling internationally are stranded and won’t be able to fly out until flights resume, which could take as late until this weekend.

Hurricane Sandy affecting other modes of transportation

Hurricane Sandy is also affecting seaport, trucking, and railway transportation.  Seaports across Virginia to Boston have been closed by the Hurricane. Trucking companies are being ordered to stay out of the storm. Some of the largest railway contractors around the East Coast have also been shut down. This is during the middle of the freight-transport industry’s peak. Logistic companies are now working to reroute freight-transport to other distribution. However, many goods may already be damaged.

Only time will tell until everything is back in running. Weather disasters are a constant concern and with improved planning the impact can be minimized.


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