Truck Driver Shortage In The US


Truck driving positions are becoming harder and harder to fill in the United States. Even with the unemployment rate at record highs. According to Russ Bynum of the Associated Press U.S. companies are expected to create more than 115,000 truck driver jobs per year through 2016.

This shortage is adding increased pressures on companies two fold. First, new trucking regulation passed in 2010 is making it harder for individuals to obtain a CDL License required to drive tractor-trailers. These restrictions include, drug testing and disqualification from certain traffic citations. Many individuals who are unemployed or have a desire for a trucking career become disqualified under this regulation.

The second pressure being put upon employers is hour restrictions. Drivers cannot work more than 70 hours per week and no more than 11 hours per shift. Drivers must have a 10-hour period of brake in between. <;

Most young career seekers are not interested in trucking. It’s an undesirable industry. Drivers are required to work long hours being away from family, friends, or general life for an extended period of time.

These pressures and a recovering economy are driving up wages for qualified drivers. This increased expense will inevitably be passed down to the consumer. <–177034581.html&gt;


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