Delays from Sandy

Superstorm Sandy has caused companies to change the way they transport their products. This quick change in mode of transportation has costs many companies a large amount of money.  On Monday, all modes of transportation were stopped in New York and New Jersey. Some companies for instant, UPS, planned for Sandy and got as many shipments as possible to send on Friday before it hit, but for those companies that were unable to get their products to those locations before the storm hit are having difficulty with the warehousing capacity and delivering products to the different locations.

The two modes that were affected the most were water and air. One of the biggest problems with water transportation is that the port of New York and New Jersey is still close today.  This ports averages roughly 234,00 tons are cargo brought over by ocean a day. Not only is the port still closed because of damages and flooding, but the ships themselves have been destroyed and scatter.  For air transportation nearly 16,00 flights were canceled causing the airplane industry roughly two million dollars. Even though many of the airports have reopened in New York and New Jersey there is still a large inefficiency with not having the right planes and staff in the right location.


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