Airlines recovering after a natural disaster

The blog entry discussed below covers how airline carriers were able to handle the super storm Sandy, especially in the New York City and New Jersey area. This disaster caused a huge amount of cancellations, which apparently reached up to thousands, and the effect on the East Coast airports was expected to be huge due to all the rearranging that had to be done. As we discussed in our last class, once one flight is changed, the whole system can go awry and needs to be kept in check so people can make their connecting flights without too many challenges with the corresponding gates.  A couple of examples of that were shown in an article found in the New York Times. A particular example showed a woman traveling from Germany to Cleveland and being delayed two days due to her connecting flight being on the East Coast. She was able to get back to Newark only two days after the hurricane left New Jersey in a disastrous state.

Surprisingly, the hardest part of passengers’ trip actually turned out to be the transportation from and to the airport. There was a huge recovery from the week of the storm to Monday as they flight cancellations were reduced from 23,500 to 56.  A certain trend that was highlighted by this storm was that carriers have greatly reduced labor forces because there was a significant amount of passengers who just gave up on rebooking and decided to cancel the whole trip. I think it is impressive that the bottom-line loss was merely $100 million.

Sources: Airlines Begin a Laborious Comeback

Jump-Starting Air Travel After Everything Went Dark


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