Ann Arbor’s Own, LLamasoft Inc., Collaborates with Nike on a Global Scale

On Tuesday, October 23 Nike Inc. declared they had made a minority investment in LLamasoft Inc., which is an Ann Arbor, Michigan based software company that creates supply chain and transportation design software. Nike and LLamasoft are hoping to co-develop products capable of making Nike’s global supply chain operations more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

LLamasoft’s software is exceptional at running simulations that consider elements such as service, performance, costs, and risk associated with making changes. LLamasoft also offers a separate product which allows users to add transportation routing to its supply chain design models. This new software in conjunction with Nike offers further
sustainability opportunities while also taking on the issue of unpredictable supply chain costs, which have recently hurt Nike’s profit margins (Last month the company reported a 12% drop in first-quarter profits).

Check out LLamasoft Inc.‘s official website for more information on their innovative global supply chain design software.



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