Love-hate relationship: Hurricane Sandy and trucking industry

Supper Hurricane Sandy attacked East Coast  past week, and its impact affected from normal people’s live to all industries. Unlike other industry harmed by Sandy,  trucking industry was hurt but benefit by this horrible disaster.

During hurricane Sandy effecting period, trucking companies were forced to reroute, delay shipments, about $140 million lost was generated by the storm each day in trucking industry. After Sandy was gone, rising fuel price, destroyed roads, and lost capital keep hurting the industry.

However, trucking industry was one of the direct benefit industries in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. States like New Jersey is facing the shortage of fuel even now. while trucking is the most effective way to transport gasoline, diesel and kerosene when pipeline is facing limited from repairing time and geographic availability. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration claimed they are assisted by truck industry team on fuel delivery.  Also, “FMCSA has already issued an eastern regional emergency declaration that temporarily lifts hours-of-service and other regulations to assist truckers providing direct emergency relief, including transporting generators and fuel.”Also, the clean up after Hurricane is dealing by lifting hours-of-service regulations for trucking and work crews. Mobility and accessibility are the key characteristics create the demand for trucking in recover period.

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