Apps that Serve Today’s Logistics

In an era of smart phones, people’s lives have been connected through the Internet by the apps they have on their mobile devices. Some emerging apps are designed to enhance logistical information availability and communication channels when access to a computer is not readily available.

Transportation Management System (TMS) Carrier Mobile Applications, available for the iPhone and iPad, allow carriers to communicate directly with a shipper’s TMS in a timely manner. This is especially important for small carriers who do not have Electronic Date Interchange systems. Through using the app, shippers can contact carriers online who can immediately respond to the shipment requested. Once booked and loaded, carriers can access the app to view pickup and delivery status updates. Shippers can increase visibility into in-transit inventory status; and at the same time improve customer service as they can better track their shipments.

In terms of warehouse functionality, employees can retrieve real-time status updates of pickups and deliveries from tablet devices (e.g. iPad). This will allow warehouse employees to better adjust the associated shipments of the loading docks and provide timely feedback about trailer assignments. These real-time reports are also great informational tools for management and sales representatives.

There are many third-party mobile logistic apps that help relatively small business, which are listed below:
1. Delivery Status Touch
2. Package Buddy
3. Parcel Track
4. JumpTrack

The following links provide more information on this topic:


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