FedEx Freight Introduces new LNG Tractors in Dallas

As a leader in the shipping industry, FedEx has always been committed to continuous improvement regarding sustainability and environmental-friendly processes. In a large-scale sustainability movement, FedEx is currently undergoing various efforts to make operations cleaner. These efforts include experimenting with emission-free hydrogen fuel-celled powered and electric fork lifts for dock operations, equipping all new vehicles with SmartWay-Approved tires that will improve gas mileage, fitting trailers with SmartWay trailer skirts to improve fuel efficiency with aerodynamics, and implementing LNG Tractors.

LNG Tractors are trucks that use Liquefied Natural Gas to power the engines and FedEx has begun testing two of these. The pre-production engine will be released in 2013 and is the only engine produced currently that is able to meet the specifications of Class 8 trucks. The advantage of Liquefied Natural Gas is that is burns cleaner than diesel fuel and may yield cost-savings. This is beneficial to individuals because cheaper costs in fuel for FedEx will translate to cheaper costs of shipping for individuals.

FedEx will use the two tractors in their regular line-haul operations and will log approximately 1000 miles per day to see if the engine is durable enough to endure the day-to-day operations.

It will be interesting to see the potential results of these tractors and how it may affect the trucking industry. If FedEx sees success with these trailers, it will be inevitable that other shipping companies will follow suit and implement similar processes.

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