Saddle Creek Finishes Construction of CNG Fueling Station

Saddle Creek Corp. is a third party logistics provider (3pl) that has recently just finished construction of its own compressed natural gas station (CNG) at its headquarters in Lakeland, FL. It is estimated that the company spent $2.2 million on the investment in the fueling station. Saddle Creek Corp. has recently planned to invest in 40 new CNG tractors for its for hire fleet. The investment in these new CNG trucks are suppose to reduce for hire fleet by 103,000 pounds per truck. Saddle Creek Corp. plans to have 120 CNG tractors by 2013.

“The station will provide the fuel needed to help us put cleaner, safer, quieter trucks on the road,” said Mike DelBovo, Saddle Creek Transportation president. “ Not only does the new CNG tractors help Saddle Creek’s sustainability but also it reflects on their customers.   The new fueling station is the first of its kind for a 3pl company in Florida. The station will be able to handle 120 trucks a day. The station will have both fast fill pumps as well as “time fill” pumps.

More information on the Freightliner M2 112:



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