UPS Introduces New Cloud-Based Technology Platform to Improve International Supply Chain Management

As a global leader in logistics, UPS offering a wide field of solutions in transportation of packages and freight.  On November 13th, UPS announced improvements of its global ocean and airfreight forwarding product, UPS Supplier Management. They also introduced UPS Order Watch system, which is a cloud-based technology platform that built to customers collaborate with international suppliers more efficiently and manage their inbound supply chains better.


UPS Order Watch vendor booking system is improved to make sure vendor is comply with the requirements from customer and provide them an online system for approvals, this system is going to facilitate the communication between vendor and customer. For supplier management service, the reduction of email communication and additional record keeping by the customer is making the work efficient.


In this system, UPS enhanced monitoring of vendor to provide more details thus enabling reduced in early or late shipments or wrong order quantities, then increase the customer control. Once an order is placed, the system is monitoring the order all the time from order creation to shipment delivery, also provide customers a virtual on-hand inventory view of incoming orders.


The idea of improvement to inbound supply chain visibility is called “single version of the truth”. It is an information technology supported system to link all the information of the order to host network.




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