How Companies choose a 3PL

Many companies large and small have begun to outsource their logistics to a third party company. In making the decision to do so, they have to choose which of the variety of third party logistics companies they want to trust their shipments with. Depending on the company, industry and geographic location there are many third party companies that could handle the logistics, but picking the right partner is an extremely important business decision.

One of the first factors that is important is finding a 3PL that is willing to act as partners and strategically collaborate in order to find optimal solutions to any logistics problem. In order to do this, the 3PL should ideally have knowledge of your industry, the geographic areas your company serves, and other specific needs that are important to serving your business needs. Additionally it is important for a 3PL to have a network large enough to serve your company (as well as its potential growth) as well as good employees that are focused on helping both companies succeed.

Above all it is important to trust the 3PL you work with. You have to be able to trust that your shipments will arrive in the right place, at the right time and without damage. Making sure that you are working with the right people is key, but both parties involved should be knowledgeable about the insurance policies, liabilities and transportation industry regulations to ensure that there is a successful working relationship established and maintained.


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