Humanitarian Logistics

Nov 19, 2012

Definition: Organizing the delivery and warehousing of supplies during natural disasters or complex emergencies to the affected area and people

Major challenges/two types of disruption: Men-made disasters, natural disasters

Why is it so important?

To describe the humanitarian logistics is to save humans’ lives by giving or providing people life-goods such as clothing, food supplies at the right time and right place when they need.

Supply network of humanitarian logistics:

Logistics providers, donors, aid agencies such as Red Cross military, governments, international organizations such as NGO

What Challenges?

1. Uncertainty in: demand, supply, time, location

2. Limited resources: damaged infrastructure (transportation, communication, warehousing, etc), limited life supplies

3. Economic/ restriction in some regions

4. Costs (too expensive to keep safety stock in case of disaster)


1. Preparation: demand analysis, inventory planning and control, risk management

2. Immediate response: regional coordination and near-shoring, consolidation of donations, fulfillment managemet

3. Sustainability: humanitarian operations evaluation, business continuity plan, collaboration (long-term relationships)

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