Norfolk Southern Opens a New Intermodal Transportation Facility

On October 17th, 2012 the Norfolk Southern opened the Birmingham Regional Intermodal Facility in McCalla, Alabama. The facility falls in the Crescent Corridor, which is a highly utilized rail path, stretching across many states from the Northeast all the way to Mexico. The facility cost Norfolk Southern about $97.5 Million and is about 316 acres.

The environmental impacts of the efficient Crescent Corridor in addition to the jobs that are created from the project are unparallelled to any other major intermodal infrastructure project. The facility is the second of four facilities that will complete the crescent. The first was built in Memphis, and two more to come in Charlotte as well as Greencastle, Pa. Norfolk Southern is able to provide rates that are very competitive to trucking rates and opens up their service area to ship freight to Mexico as well as the Northeast.

Alabama natives are very optimistic about this facility as it will greatly aid the existing businesses as well as attract new businesses to the area by being such an easily accessible transportation hub. In a time where many states struggle to fight unemployment and strive to bring jobs to their state, any large addition such as this is welcomed with open hands. The station is priceless to the area of Alabama, the businesses there, as well as the rest of the areas that have improved transportation accessibility due to the construction of the intermodal facility.



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