The Supply Chain of Thanksgiving

I came across an article about Thanksgiving statistics and I felt it would be a fun topic for this week.  There are about 65,000 grocery stores in the US and they all need to have supply for the holiday.  About 12.1 million dollars value of turkeys are imported, mostly from Canada.  The general mode for transportation is by truck, as it makes the most sense for the product.

Fortunately for planning, grocery stores and producers know ahead of time when the spike in sales will be.  They are able to plan inventory and logistics accordingly, and hope that communication throughout their supply chain minimizes the variability.  Special transportation is required for live turkeys and once they become “store ready”, they have a limited shelf life.

Incoming shipments are generally completed in advance of Thursday.  However it is notable that most transportation modes are affected by the holiday.  Increased traffic as well as logistics employees having days off are some possible factors.


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