Logistics News: European Expo Features New Highly Aerodynamic Tractor-Trailer Designs

The German truck maker, MAN, has just released a class 8 tractor trailer that they claim can cut carbon emissions and cut fuel consumption by 25%. the prototype was unveiled at the IAA commercial vehicles expo in Germany. the truck achieves the same low drag efficient as a regular car without sacrificing any capacity when compared to the regular box trailers. With all the hype for going green and cutting cost, this truck really drew a crowd. the tractor-trailer combo was a collaboration between the MAN and Krone companies. the full-size side finishers and a tapered rear in the trailer add the the lower wind resistance, which also helps to reduce the noise inside of the cabin. MAN promises that it will release its three major models in 2013 that will have a sleeker design. Renault is a competing company who claims they have a similar design in the making but has not yet released a prototype. These truck will most likely soon become a hit in the European trucking market and eventually will expand to changing the industry worldwide.


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