UPS Introduces New Cloud-Based Technology for International Shipments

Last Friday, UPS announced an improvement to its global ocean and air freight forwarding product called UPS Order WatchSM. The technology focuses on improving the connectivity between shippers and their international suppliers through an web-based single platform system that can be accessed by those customers utilizing UPS as their shipper.

The technology is meant to improve supply chain collaboration through the use of EDI which helps facilitate a movement away from the use of paper documents and delayed email exchanges providing users with a “single version of the truth.” By providing a single platform for both vendors and shippers the parties can be alerted with issues in real-time such as delays or modified order quantities to better service their customers. Now that  wide-spread internet access is available the system is beneficial for most involved parties. The possibility of readily available information to vendors and customers will help to eliminate inefficiencies and improve operational performance.

Advantages of the software upgrade:

  • Greater accuracy and timelines for overseas vendor booking
  • Improved processing and management of suppliers
  • Near real-time shipment status and line-level visibility of in-transit inventory
  • Facilitation of PO consolidation and optimized shipping plans


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