New Regulations to Benefit Passengers

The U.S. Transportation Secretary has input new regulations that will improve the visibility of the fees that customers pay, and give passengers the flexibility to change flights. This new regulation will improve passenger’s ability to compare prices between airline industries.  The new laws set in place, make the airlines post their fees for their tickets including all of their government taxes and fees. This will give the customers the ability to see the total cost of flying with that chosen airline. It shows all of the hidden fees that airlines haven’t had to show in the past.

Another benefit from this new regulation is that all airlines need to post all extra fees, including baggage, when the passenger buys their tickets through the Internet. In the past passengers would buy tickets with a certain airline because of the price was cheaper, but then they would get hit with hidden fees such as carry-on, and baggage fees. With the visibility of these charges, it will give the customers the ability to choose fairly and with all of the information. Finally, the last advantage from this new regulation is that it gives passengers flexibly while traveling.  A passenger is able to cancel a flight within 24 hours of booking the flight. This rule only applies if it is at least a week prior to the flight. This gives passengers the chance to buy a ticket at a low price, and then check and see if they can travel at that time. Also, when there are delays or cancellations of a flight by the airline industry, they must inform their passengers at least 30 minute in advance.



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