The Impact of Presidential Elections on Regulations & Policies

Regulations and policies have a tremendous impact on transportation management.  These laws lay down the framework for how companies can operate and conduct business.  The past two years have been very significant in determining the future of these laws.  With the recent presidential election, it was crucial to review the presidential candidates’ viewpoints on regulations and policies for companies.  Often republicans and democrats have very different beliefs.

Currently, there is discussion for raising the diesel fuel taxes. This money could be invested to improve the U.S’s infrastructure as well as promote more fuel efficient vehicles. This new law would also drastically raise transportations costs.  These new law is highly controversial and would affect many people and businesses.

In the late 2011, changes to the Hours of Service Rules were made that says, “With respect to the maximum daily hours of service, such a driver may not drive— (1) More than 10 hours following 8 consecutive hours off duty.” These changes won’t be put into effect until 2013, but had the Republican Party won the election these changes could have been stopped.  These changes have been reviewed as “onerous and ineffective by most of the logistics complex”

Another new law that is working to get passed is the “card check” rule.  This proposal would allow employees to form a union not through majority, but by secret election, where they would sign a card saying they are in a union. This could more unions forming in businesses such as the truck industry. If a strike is called it lead to downtime, increased cost, and create a more complex logistic network.

Congress has a very important role in shaping which new regulations and policies will be created. If the wrong candidate is elected, polices and regulations will alter significantly. It is important for citizens to be aware of the issues and do their civic duty of voting.



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