Healthcare Logistics

            While health should remain the number one priority for every individual, it is sometimes overlooked in the busy lives we face. Without maintaining a healthy lifestyle, life loses it’s value.  Logistics in itself is a complicated subject, throw in all of the necessities required for a hospital and you are really beginning to make things challenging. Not only do hospitals require employees and machines, they also require a constant supply of equipment, drugs, pharmaceuticals, patient history of patients and other medical devices. Because of the high importance that hospitals hold, it must be assured that the logistics partners have experience and knowledge in what they are doing. When it comes to healthcare, there is little margin for error.

            Main drivers for a proficient supply chain manager is to help manage the high healthcare costs that continue to increase. Having an educated professional manage these numbers will help reduce the costs in the healthcare supply chain. Unfortunately, it is unknown where the greatest opportunities for increased quality and lower costs lie in the supply chain, resulting in major inefficiencies. By increasing our staffing in healthcare logistics, perhaps some of these puzzling questions can be answered.

            In our society today, almost everything is expected immediately. This makes the supply chain have to remain organized and work as effectively and efficiently as possible. In the healthcare sector, quick performance should be classified as most important. When lives are on the line, if there is not the necessary equipment, supplies, or drugs to perform a procedure, we are risking valuable lives. With this being said, it is important to not halt any procedures due to lack of goods. Who’s responsibility is this? The supply chain professional who has been hired to take on this important responsibility is. As the importance and complexity of the healthcare logistics becoming more and more clear, many healthcare organizations are contemplating reorganizing their ways and making additions to their current staff to help assure that the logistics are controlled properly and are always prepared for disasters and emergencies.

            In addition to increasing educated staff, new technologies have also been introduced to help contribute to the success of the healthcare facility. New devices such as patient record device, computerized prescriptions, and bar coded verifications are some of the technologies used to increase inventory count, improve accuracy, and more effectively distribute the drug supply.

            Health is what keeps our bodies, friends, family, community, and world functioning. Without maintaining health, our future would not be as bright as it is today. Healthcare logistics is the backbone to running such successful healthcare facilities and keeping our society healthy. It is no wonder that healthcare facilities have recognized the importance of this position within their functions and have decided to rearrange their organization and improve their healthcare logistics in any way possible. An effective and efficient supply chain of products to these locations should be the number one priority to help maintain the success of these organizations during emergencies and disasters to help maintain our robust community.



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