Beer Pipelines of Europe

Group 6

  When one thinks of a pipeline, they often think of oil being transported to its destination, when in fact pipelines can transport much more; beer.  Beer pipelines are slowly becoming a feature of bar districts and stadiums alike to bring cold beverages to fans or paying customers.  In cities like Randers, Denmark and also Gelsenkirchen, Germany beer pipelines are in use.

Both cities are unique.  In Gelsenkirchen, the home of the German soccer power FC Shalke 04, their arena named Veltins Arena has a five kilometer beer pipeline that runs throughout the stadium.  The stadium stores four cooling centers underneath it that houses 52,000 liters of beer.  Each pipe can transport up to 14 liters of beer in a minute.  The pipelines feed over one hundred bars and restaurants inside the stadium.  However the pipeline sees noticeable fluxuations in the amount of beer moved through the pipeline determinant on if the team wins or loses!  Stadiums make a large amount off of their profits based off of their beer sales.


In the case of Randers, the Denmark the city features a beer pipeline as well.  The Thor Brewery, originally downtown had a pipeline in which it could pump beer to local breweries.  However in the nineties the brewery moved outside the city, but still supplies bars with beer.  Information is extremely limited on this pipeline, but Randers seems like a very interesting place to visit.

With the rise of microbrewery’s the opportunity for beer pipelines may grow.  Bars near microbrewery’s may look to beer pipelines to cut costs and cut down risks of stockouts.  European soccer teams such as Zenit St. Petersburg have seen Schalke’s state of the art pipeline and are looking to implement a beer pipeline in their new stadium.



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