Emma Maersk

Towing the Emma Maersk - Powerfull Tug

Transportation business never stops improving. It always thinks about how fast to ship how many products/items with cheaper rates at once. The picture above is a NEW ship that is still on progress to make.

Brief information below:

World’s Largest Ships, A Comparison

*14,700 TEU

There would be some issues following.

There would be concerns where and how many ports can handle this huge ship. Once this ship revealed in the real world, a lot of things would be changed in the transportation industry. Existing loaders (side loader, reach loader, chassis) wouldn’t be necessary to transfer or carry the products to/from this ship, because this ship would be too huge. Also, it should consider the intermodal (transfer items/products from the ship to other type of transportation).

I can’t predict how the transportation field would be changed but would definitely make a lot difference to the transportation field once it showed up in the real world that I can guarantee.

Source: http://gcaptain.com/emma-maersk-engine/


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