Public Promotion In East Lansing, You Aware?

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Back in 2009, Marble Elementary School, located near the intersection of Burcham and Hagadorn, was selected to receive assistance from the Safe Routes to School Program. From this study, it was determined that the current configuration of access and parking from Hagadorn Road to the school is unsafe and utilizing a volunteer to conduct traffic control puts that volunteer in harms way. It was also noted that the sidewalks particularly close to Hagadorn Road where speeds by motorists are often above the posted limit, presents a dangerous situation for the children.

Inconsistent school zone signage currently utilized

In March 2012, a grant was awarded for the funding of a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) along the Burcham-Hagadorn intersecting corridors. The proposed changes aim to increase walkability and bikeability, safety, and environmental sustainability of this busy intersecting corridor — a primary route between East Lansing’s core historic neighborhoods, primary schools, and MSU. Examples of potential improvements include crossing and bump-out islands; flash beacons and similar signals; traffic calming devices, lane consolidation (4 to 3) ; additional bike lanes; and sidewalk connectivity.

On June 21, 2012 a meeting in the Hannah Community Center was held to discuss the potential health and safety impacts of road, sidewalk, crossing, or path improvements along the intersecting Burcham-Hagadorn roads corridor.

The public has encouraged this development and growth, demonstrating the importance of safety and the benefits and the future needs of changes along the Burcham-Hagadorn intersecting corridors. Many East Lansing residents have voiced their opinion. Some statements from letters about the potential improvements.

  • I think more people like myself would make the habit of biking if that route were more intuitive and efficient.
  • Studies indicate that similar lane conversions not only improve safety, walkability, and bikeability but also do not tend to slow down traffic.
  • During winter months I frequently walk to downtown East Lansing and to campus.  Converting Hagadorn from “4 to 3 + 2,” will have a significant effect on me and I strongly support the conversion.
  • Michigan Safe Routes to School are playing a vital role in providing Michigan children with safe and convenient opportunities to become healthy and active.
  • I think this proposal would greatly enhance the walkability/bikability of East Lansing.  Thank you for considering this proposal.

The proposed recommendations, if implemented, may assist in increasing safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists while reducing speeds through school zones without causing excessive traffic congestion. The addition of bike lanes will provide an alternative mode of transportation while providing a buffer between pedestrians using the sidewalk and automobiles in the roadway.

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After Reading This Blog Post, Please Click Here To Take A 3.14159 Second Survey

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