SGB’s jatropha vision: Jet fuel grown from seeds

Biofuel industry has played more and more important role in energy market for past decade. Biofuel is considered as candidate for next generation of energy source because of the non-sustainability of fossil fuel, and “In 2010, worldwide biofuel production reached 105 billion liters (28 billion gallons US), up 17% from 2009, and biofuels provided 2.7% of
the world’s fuels for road transport, a contribution largely made up of ethanol and biodiesel[1]”. From the growth  market share of biofuel in energy industry,and price of gasoline price, it is obvious biofuel has a bright future.

However, there is several concerts about biofuel implement. First of all, food safety is the biggest barrier on the way of biofuel growth. ethanol fuel made up 82% of total biofuel in 2010 (23 out of 28 billion gallons US), and the main source of making it is corn.US and Mexico hold 90% of ethanol production of the world, which come with price US might lost dominate of corn export lasted from 1960s.[2] Corn export is the huge chunk of the agriculture , so it is not expected of its shrinking. At same time, food safety flesh yellow on the growth of amount of corn use to make fuels.

Secondly, transportation as the biggest consumer of biofuel industry facing problems too. Biofuel is not traditional energy, most of them require innovation in power system to adapt using pure or semi biofuel, and innovation means capital investment and risk of fall on efficiency. Air transportation seem moved forward in adapting biofuel by integrate development of source and growth of vendor and supplier. It do give advantage to air transportation in long-term, but unstable of supply in biofuel scared itself. Weather and regulation are the most heavy factors attribute to production of biofuel. While jatropha of SB’s perfect overcome this two problem. It is rough planet can grow in drought and wild place, its nut has high yell rate of oil  and it is not crop of food. These make it weather and regulation friendly. The forecast of jatropha fuel is 10% of biofuel industry and competitive price of gasoline. Boeing and Airbus has already step into the development of jatropha fuel, and Air Japan and Air New Zealand also took move on adapt
jatropha fuel plant.

As most new things, jatropha fuel face the lack of knowledge popularizing and faith of investor. However, the double of investment from 9.4 million Angel fund to 17 million venture capital in 2 years should give us sign of the potential of jatropha fuel also the power of it to the transportation industry and the world.



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