Amazon’s supply chain ‘more admired’ than Apple rival


With Christmas approaching, there is currently a very high demand period for Apple and Amazon.  Both companies are in an ongoing battle over market share because both have many rival products, such as the iPad and the Kindle Fire.  Any advantage Apple or Amazon can get over one another is essential going forward.  Many supply chain executives believe one advantage Amazon’s has over Apple is its supply chain.

SCM World surveyed 1,136 supply chain executives and the results showed Amazon’s supply chain is “more admired” than Apple’s supply chain.  There were four key supply chain attributes both companies were rated on – agility, collaboration, execution, and innovation.

For agility, 62 percent of those surveyed sided with Amazon, while 33 percent were in favor of Apple’s supply chain agility.  59 percent voted for Amazon when it came to collaboration.  31 percent voted for Apple.  With execution, 57 percent liked Amazon compared to 38 percent for Apple.  While surveyors were in favor of Amazon by a decent margin for the first 3 attributes, Apple dominated the vote for the last attribute.  On innovation, Apple had 78 percent of the vote, while Amazon got just 19 percent.

In addition to the four attributes, 58 percent of respondents said in general they like the way Amazon runs its supply chain, while 38 percent were in favor of Apple’s overall supply chain.   The results of the survey from over one thousand supply chain executives show Amazon is ahead of Apple when it comes down to managing the supply chain.



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