FTA urges UK govt to support transition to gas fuel

The Freight Transportation Association has asked the UK government to give assurance to the freight operators in order to encourage them to make the switch from conventional diesel to gas. The FTA urged the government to look into alternatives to the normal diesel fuels. This alternative would potentially provide carbon savings, including natural gas and biomethane. Natural gas was specified as the target alternative. It can be used as road fuel either as a liquefied natural gas or a compressed natural gas. These both produce less harmful emissions than the conventional fuel. A potential carbon savings of 60 percent can be possible with this alternative.
The FTA needs the Treasury to guarantee at least a 7 year plan so that it can plan ahead and provide support for all the vehicles and provide infrastructure. The FTA Climate Change Policy manager replied and said that in order for this implementation to happen, they need the government’s support in the development of a national refueling infrastructure on main motorway routes so that they can enable long-distance trucking for vehicle fleets. They said that they have identified potential spots for refueling infrastructure, and also mentioned that the government needs to give consideration to the operator as well and ensure that there are benefits to their investment.
John Lewis Partnership and UPS both show great support for this and are also members in the FTA’s Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme. They believe that the best way to reduce their carbon emissions is the biomethane fuel alternate. At UPS, they are always trying to look out in the market for the best technologies and alternative fuels to try and reduce their carbon emissions for their ground transportation. However, UPS requires the use of liquefied biomethane, which is great for them and works the best for their HGV fleet on long distance routes.
They believe that a long term strategy for ensuring that there is an alternative and the availability of these alternates will make sure that their investments are worth it and will allow for future innovations and improvements.



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