North America and Asia Leading Charge for Eco Friendly Mass Transportation

Everyone is aware of the current movement that is electric and hybrid cars. Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, General Motors and many more auto manufacturers are changing the game, and going eco friendly. Electric and Hybrid cars (like the Ford Fusion) have been out on the market for quite some time now and do there part to reduce the carbon footprint.

Now joining the movement at an alarming rate however is the mass transportation industry. Buses are starting to rely more and more on natural gas, electricity and bio diesel. Studies show that by 2015 more than 50% of the 64,000 new transit buses will be running on alternative fuel methods. Compare this with the new transit buses that were delivered in 2010, and a 28% growth can be seen.

This movement by the mass transportation industry is so vital to reducing carbon emissions as a bus can emit up to 4 times as much green house gases as a sedan. This is all made possible and efficient because of the small impact that they have on the overall infrastructure of the industry.

Leading the pack is North America and Asia. According to a study by Tom Ripley of driving today, within the next 5 years, both regions will have up to a 60% adoption rate of new eco friendly buses. On top of that another healthy fact is the statistic that shows in the entire world, these two regions will boast 70% of all new buses, and 60% of those will be running on alternative fuel.






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