Strike at LA Port Hurting Many in US

A union of port clerks at the LA port has finally gone on strike, after waiting over 30 months for a new collective bargaining agreement to be reached upon. The effects of this strike have been felt in many different sectors, and the pains caused by it are expected to continue to grow until an agreement can be reached between the union and LA/Long Beach Harbor Employers Association.
According to the article by Christopher Palmeri, a total cost of $1 billion a day each day the strike has been going on has occurred. While many companies hurt from strikes like this, as they scramble to find other ports to deliver goods to, consumers feel the trickle down as well. Prices for many goods are expected to increase, especially with holiday shopping going on, as the supply of many different sought after goods is being bottled up at the port.
Perhaps those suffering the most are workers affected by this strike. While the actual port clerks still get pay from their union during the strike, which does nothing for the many other workers in the industry, such as truckers who are out of work and are not receiving any compensation. It is really sad that this is occurring during the holiday season. One can only hope that an agreement is reached soon, although that seems unlikely since the union has high demands such as guaranteeing jobs be continuously filled even upon retirement and not outsourced elsewhere.



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