UPS, FedEx want more of holiday shipping pie

Tis the season for two of the heaviest hitting delivery companies to experience a massive surge in shipping volume.  In the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, both UPS and FedEx will hire thousands of seasonal workers; 55,000 and 20,000 respectively.  These workers will be helping to sort packages, load, and drive the delivery vehicles.  Coming this next Monday, the second Monday in December, a day that is known as “Green Monday” in the e-commerce industry.  It marks the start of one of the busiest shopping weeks of the year; last year $1.1 billion was spent on this day alone.

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As compared to last year, both companies will see a significant increase in shipping volume. UPS will see an increase of about 10% taking the total packages shipped to about 570 million.  As for FedEx, they will see an increase near 13% for a total of 280 million shipments.  Although these numbers may seem like an overwhelming amount to deliver in the roughly 5 weeks it is not enough for the big two.  Both companies are employing differing strategies in order to attract more business.  UPS has its My Choice service which allows users to reieve alerts before their package arrives to ensure they are home to collect the package.  In addition, if the user knows they will not be home they are able to easily reschedule the delivery with this service.  FedEx will be working with targets in the e-commerce industry to help online retailers make shipments high in volume and low in weight to the residential customer.  They will pick, sort, and deliver packages to the post office for delivery.

Both companies operate very complex supply chains so let’s hope that they work flawlessly and everything gets to where it needs to be.

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